suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

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Is This Your Time To Take Action?

If you are sick and tired of the dreaming phase of things and are ready to take some action and get is what to do.

Healthy Wealthy Wise: Boost Your Productivity

We all strive for a ?balanced life?. Although we may not all be able to achieve the myth of balance, we can focus on three areas of our life to help us be more productive in other areas of our life. By managing our heath, knowing our wealth and seeking wisdom in what we do ? we can achieve amazing things in our life.

Create Credibility for Success

Back in my early marketing days, finding the magic ticket to online success was my prime focus. Day after day I became engaged in the journey to find the internet ?El Dorado?. I did find what I was looking for, nothing more than a fistful of air. The online marketing formula for success was always right in front of me or rather right inside. And yet still so many marketers are out there searching for that elusive ticket to success.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I do! I want to be a millionaire! Do you?

19 Good Questions For Living The Good Life (Just The Right Question To Get Just What You Desire)

It happened again in class. While sharing my insights on a particular subject, I spontaneously began by saying:

Using A Weekly Review To Improve My Life And Business

"What a week!" you say at the end of a series of days thatwent, quite frankly, very well. And yet...At the conclusion of another week those same three words maycarry with them a completely different meaning.Discouraged and fighting off feelings of defeat, you hardlyhave enough breath to reflect with a sigh, "What a week." How do you capture the momentum of the good days or regainany sense of the same when things don't go so well? Answer: I'm not totally sure! But I am confident of this: a good, positive weekly reviewcan assist you in... *Capturing what went well, *Helping you to refocus, *Building for future success, *And improving yourself or your business. I hope that "My Week In Review" will prove to be one of themany tools you use in your quest for excellence. It is a unique tool designed to... *Give yourself credit for "things done well" *Allow you to creatively express your thoughts *Keep you in a training/duplicating mode *Pinpoint and attack success hindering attitudes or actions *Rivet your attention on the next play of the game. May you and those you serve have a wonderful week, Lee ~*~*~*~* MY WEEK IN REVIEW ~*~*~*~* Striving For Excellence For All The Right Reasons © Lee Wise All rights reserved ===========================================================THINKING POSITIVE===========================================================What top three things *worked well* for me this past week? 1.2.3.===========================================================WHEN SMALL IS BIG===========================================================Speaking personally or professionally...What "little step" of improvement could I make next weekthat -- *if repeated consistently over time* -- wouldbenefit myself or those I influence in a unique way? My Answer Is...===========================================================TWO QUESTIONS FOR OVERCOMERS===========================================================If I dared to believe I could... *What would I do that I have not done? And... *What would be my first step in doing it? My Answers Are... 1. I would do this2. My first step will be===========================================================THE STORIES OF MY LIFE==========================================================="Have I... *Received any compliments, *Heard of any positive results, *Been motivated by someone's success, *Or discovered any exciting facts...That I should record to use in my business?" My Response Is...===========================================================PATTERNS (Ruthless Honesty) =========================================================== Being Ruthlessly Honest...If I repeated the way I worked this past week for the next90 days, would it be a good or "not-so-good" thing for mybusiness health?IF MY ANSWER IS "NOT-SO-GOOD," THEN...What will I attack *with a vengeance* first? What is the main *emotional reason* for my attack?IF MY ANSWER IS "A GOOD THING," THEN...What should I reinforce by doing it again?1.2.What should I share that is duplicatable? 1.2. =========================================================== MY SUCCESS JOURNAL =========================================================== Recording my personal journey...

Life 101 For the Young and Young at Heart! Book Excerpt

Lesson 1. Category Well Being Plan to do this.

The Communication of Your Biology & Beliefs

Not only do we communicate with ourselves, but our cells communicate with each other and the environment in order to respond to situations, which ultimately create our belief systems.

12 Tips to Network Your Way to Success

Lots of people network but few reap the rewards of zeroing in on their potential when it comes to networking. Here are some tips to help fill the gap between where you are now and where you can be.

Forget Dreams...Have Visions!

Do you still keep that all important 'Inner Spark Alive'? ...even 15 yrs later from college!

Five Principals for Prosperity

Many years ago, forty to be exact, I started my own business at the tender age of nineteen. The street markets in and around Manchester England was my happy hunting ground. Every day was an adventure and despite the weather and difficulties of getting a stall on the street market, life was always fun and enjoyable. There was always some comical incident, even when I had to stand in the pouring rain, with no customers in sight. And if there was no amusing event to focus on I created one and made other people laugh.

The Ultimate Formula for Success

Why is true success so rare?

Why Pain?: An Understanding of Pain as a Necessary Part of Personal Growth

Champions expect pain, endure pain, and never complain. ---Unknown

10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace - Wayne Dyer Book Mini-Review

Dr. Wayne Dyer published his best-selling book, "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace" and it's an easy read. It's the type of book that you can crack open and find nuggets on pretty much every page you open it to.

Belief And Action Succeed

For centuries Protestant Christians have argued that you can reach heaven through faith (belief) alone while Roman Catholics have argued that both faith and works are necessary for salvation. However, both groups agree that faith and works are essential in the life of the true Christian.

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