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Control Your Fear Before It Controls You

"Fear Factor" is one of my favorite TV shows.  It
highlights the courage of the participants to engage in
the most fearsome and disgusting acts.

Most of the contestants are willing to sacrifice their
dignity for the sake of the prize money.  So what does
that imply?  It implies that with the proper mindset,
determination, and will power, you can conquer your fear. 

Everyone has some sort of fear.  It may be brought about
by any one or more of the following reasons.

1)  by a traumatic past incident (like being bitten by a
2)  by the influence of other people
3)  by their own negative way of thinking
But are you going to let fear take over your life?  Will
you remain a hostage of your fear forever? 

You must take the necessary steps to overcome your fright.
It's all in the mind. 

Do you envy other people when you see them enjoying wild
rides, and you're just stuck in a corner because you're
too terrified to give it a try?
My suggestion is to face your fear head-on.  Imagine
yourself enjoying the experience instead of exaggerating
the things that make you worry.  (Unless of course you
have health problems, then taking wild rides may not be
a good idea).

Do you want to be a doctor but you're afraid that your
intellect can't handle the pressure or you're worried
about financial insecurity? 

Well here's the good news.  If you're really determined
to achieve your deepest desires, a powerful force will
enable you to reach them amidst every obstacle that comes
in the way.  I'm not kidding.

Someone or something will always be there to help you
attain your goals.  Just have faith in your abilities.
Your will power have the utmost capacity to accomplish
anything with the proper mindset. 

You could use visualization to help you in defeating
any kind of fear. 

Are you afraid of heights?  Then imagine yourself being on
top of a mountain, overseeing the magnificent sights.  Enjoy
and feel the moment. Take away all worries and anxieties.

Then just do it!  Face it head on!  Go to the top of a
building and savor the great feeling of being able to
face your fear. 

This applies to whatever thing that triggers your fear
factor.  Just imagine being able to defeat it, then
confront it with the definite belief that you have the
capacity to do everything you want if you just put your
mind to it.

Face the thing you fear the most and you'll never have to
fear anything again in your life.

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