suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

Success Unveiled

How do you define success?

According to the Collins dictionary, success is defined as the achievement of something attempted; the attainment of fame, fortune and position.

I believe this definition requires expansion ? success also means being a responsible human being, caring for our planet, feeling good about ourselves, making others feel appreciated and valued, providing and caring for others, and sustaining genuine lasting relationships.

To have a 40-room mansion, four luxury cars and your own jet plane does not qualify as success if you have no one to share it with or you feel empty inside.

To be a billionaire and die alone because you alienated yourself or disadvantaged others to achieve your wealth is not success.

Many think that possessions and recognition define success and in order to gain these, they must work harder and longer, sacrifice relationships, values and health.

Some believe success is unachievable because they're not sufficiently educated, don't have enough time, or are not associated to the "right" people.

Success is relative.

If you are a middle-income earner, feel good about yourself, enjoy life and make every day count, you are a success!

If you have taken a vow of poverty, and have dedicated your life to serving others, you are a success!

If you have touched the life of another in a positive, influential way, you are a success!

To achieve material wealth, status and fame are admirable pursuits as are learning a new skill, earning a diploma, building your own business and so on.

We all deserve the best life has to offer, so set goals, believe in yourself, take action and make your dreams a reality!

Never give up!

Material success is wonderful and well deserved, but always remember that true success is about how you feel inside.

You don't have to have a certain level of education, loads of spare time, or be associated to a certain group of people to be successful.

If you are happy, excited and optimistic about your life, you are already successful. If you have financial freedom and all of the comforts and gifts life has to offer, that is just icing on the cake.

How you feel inside determines whether or not you are a success. Focus on yourself and your thoughts first. If you are confident, grateful for what you do have, and excited about the endless possibilities available to you, you are a success!

Enjoy life and live it to the fullest!

Laurie Hayes is a Life Strategy Coach who works with people wanting to live life to the fullest. Through self-discovery, perception shifting and focused action, people are learning how to make great things happen and are enjoying lifestyles that are rewarding and authentic. She is the founder of Where the Heart Is Life Coaching and can be reached through

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