suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

How to Always Get Whatever You Want

Do You Know You Have the Power to Harness Huge, Hidden Powers of the Universe?

First there is your mind:

- your conscious mind: ideas, thoughts, emotions, attitudes etc. you can directly perceive or conceive.

- your subconscious mind: your past, deeply hidden ideas, thoughts, emotions, attitudes etc.

Then there is the unconscious mind, which is collective, universal, common to all human beings and to all the Universe.

This Universal Mind has been called: Intelligent Energy, Supreme Energy, Superconscious Mind (Carl Jung), Collective Unconscious, Thinking Energy, Infinite Intelligence (Napoleon Hill), Supreme Power, Intelligent Substance (Wallace Wattles), The Oversoul (R.W.Emerson), Supreme Intelligence, Universe, God, and many other things.

I personally prefer to refer to it as the "Universal Intelligent Energy" (UIE).

It is everywhere. It is all-embracing. It permeates the totality of the Universe.

It knows no difference between past, present and future (time), here and there (space), what has been and what will be, what you have now and what you want in the future.

The UIE makes no difference between thoughts and physical objects.

And it has the ability to solve your problem. It has "all abilities", for that matter.

Your individual, conscious mind can join the UIE through various channels, such as meditation, affirmations, visualizations, intuition, telepathy, precognition and premonition...

For example: In his book, "The Sense of Being Stared At, and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind", Rupert Sheldrake a Cambridge-trained biochemist quotes a dream that occurred five days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "Mike Cherni, a forensic scientist who worked 300 yards from the World Trade Center, had a dream he was on an airplane. He became alarmed as the plane took an unusual flight path very low over Manhattan.

"It was clear that we were flying directly south over the southern tip of the island," Cherni's explained to the researcher. "Then there was a tremendous impact and I woke up. This dream disturbed me for days afterward, enough that I described the dream to my wife."

Sheldrake talks of "a kind of collective unconscious that allows members of a species to draw from, and contribute to, the collective memory of the species."

In this article, we'll be talking more specifically of affirmations and visualizations.

If you express your "wants" or "wishes" often enough (affirmations/repetition), they get impressed (or imprinted) in the UIE, after travelling from your conscious mind through your subconscious mind. Finally, they become real, physically real, because your wishes eventually pervade the whole Universe, get into contact with whoever or whatever can fullfil them, and get fullfilled.

For, "there is no problem without a solution". Problems and solutions follow each other like night and day.

Maybe it should be more accurate to say that problems and solutions co-exist in the UIE. Or that they search for each other like two eager lovers or Siamese twins who must urgently be joined back together.

And the individual mind's job is to join them together: this can be achieved through the repetition of affirmations and through visualizations i.e. seeing yourself as you are AFTER you have received what you want.

You connect your mind to the UIE in much the same way you connect your computer to the World Wide Web (Of course, scales are vastly different).

Repeating your affirmations is like typing keywords into a search engine. The results you get depend on how specific and focused your keyword is.

In the same way, the solution to your problem depends on how specific your goal is, and how precisely you affirm what you want: if you are very clear and precise, you'll get a clear and precise answer.

Being clear, precise and specific means knowing exactly

- what you want

- why you want it

- the consequences of having it

- emotions you will feel after you get it

Then the solution will appear, burst out from the UIE.

You don't even have to know HOW to get it, in the same way that you don't have to know how Google works to get your results!


And sometimes the UIE has its own way of solving your problem, which you cannot even imagine!

It must be emphasized that this is no "license for laziness". Very few people really "know what they want" or can define it in a clear, precise, and specific manner. And this is where you should concentrate all, if not most of, your efforts.

Yes, it takes some work. Remember "you can't hit a target you can't see" - or, if you do, it will be only by chance.

But we are not talking about chance or luck, here. We are talking about being in full and total conscious control of your own destiny.

Here you define the target, with all the specifications you have chosen by and for yourself.

And you can seize your target and pull it within range, through your own prodigious power of creative visualization.

For this to work, you have to arm yourself with what I call the "Success Mindset Tripod"(tm) and use it as a basis for all your thoughts, all your words, and all your actions:

- Faith: the certainty that you are able to achieve whatever you set out to achieve and that the whole Universe (the UIE) wants you to succeed

- Gratitude, for "The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for." ( Zig Ziglar) and

- A firm sense of Purpose, which will enable you to be clear about what it is that you exactly want. It will boost your determination to succeed and ward off any sneaking feeling of doubt or fear before it even gets to you.


A 30+year experience - translator, teacher, traveler, musician, writer, plus crosscultural awareness, worldwide ancient spiritual traditions... Success Mindset Philosopher A.M.Sall helps you "be whatever you want to be and get whatever you want to get."

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