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Posture Yourself for a Promotion

Sit up straight! You may recall hearing those words as a child. Perhaps a teacher or a parent would utter those words to you on a regular basis. It was so much easier to slouch and perhaps it still is. Your new image, however, begins with how you feel about yourself. Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between your posture and how you think and feel about yourself and your environment.

If you sit, stand and walk tall, oxygen circulates to the brain more efficiently, increasing your odds of feeling more energetic yet relaxed, more calm and more alert. It also speaks volumes to those around you. Sometimes decisions about hiring or promoting an individual are based upon things like posture. Ask yourself if you would promote someone in your organization or hire someone that slouches all the time. In other words, good posture will gain more respect than poor posture.

Doing what it takes to improve your posture now, may also prove to be very beneficial as you age. There are lots of resources available to correct poor posture. I encourage you to do some research of your own. It may lead you to the library, the bookstore or to invest in a new mattress.

About The Author

Pamela Daniels is the author of "101 Things to do When You Hate Your Job", Guru at Job Haters, Incorporated and former image consultant. Job Haters was founded to enhance the quality of life for working people inside and outside the workplace. Look for more articles to improve your image at or request additional information from

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