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Better Instead of Bitter

I have been studying several books lately that deal with subject of attracting prosperity, well being and abundance to oneself -- partly as a refresher course for myself, but also partly because I was searching for answers for some of our clients in the Realm. Lately in the chat rooms, the issue of how to overcome bitterness or loss is a big topic. How do you be 'better, instead of bitter' when life hands you what feels like a terrible blow; whether it be to your heart, to your pocketbook or the very core of your soul?

First of all it is important to remember that you are not alone. Nobody gets through life unscathed. Everyone faces disease, death, poverty, abandonment and heartbreak. However like the old saying goes, 'it is not the cards you have been dealt, but how you play them that counts'. (and I don't mean Tarot cards here, either, lol)

After searching through several books here (some inspirational and some religious texts -- the Zohar, the Bible, Louise Hays, Sanaya Roman, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Florence Scovel Shinn, I came to conclude that all of these masters, whether they be a channeller or a master or a disciple of a religion were saying one thing. 'Like attracts like.' Therefore if your heart is filled with resentment and bitterness, you will attract the same. It is the old 'sowing what you reap' thing from the Bible.

So it is very important, no matter what your experience, to keep yourself emotionally clean and to learn how to separate your feelings from 'what is really going on'. Hateful emotions such as obsession, jealousy and so forth block your connection to your higher self and prevent you from receiving your divine right -- which is that wisdom that is transferred down to you from a Higher Power for you to use to improve your life and raise your vibrations so you can attract good things.

Apparently, the unattractive or unpleasant experiences that we attract into our lives are the result of a lack of faith in the higher power that lives within each and every one of this. This lack of faith manifests itself in a desire to control or reluctance to let go. Dwelling on the past (especially to happier times) is also a big block, as it creates a feeling of discontent that prevents you from connecting from the wisdom of your inner self.

Most religions, faiths and cults have their own version of the concept of 'the Christ within'. This is called the super-conscious and is the energy that you want to be connected to. Most of us however are driven by energies of the subconscious, which in a way, can be compared to the fuel that drives a truck. This is a primitive and primal source that needs to be shaped and molded by your conscious mind to impress upon your subconscious that all will be well. If your conscious or every day mind is always trapped in a state of dread, anticipation, disappointment, fear, resentment or otherwise, than the subconscious mind picks up on that an MANIFESTS that situation. So things get worse and you repeat patterns or situations that you would rather not experience again.

This is why it is very important for each and every one of you to practice some form of positive thinking and to replace all negative thoughts with thoughts of forgiveness, hope and success (no matter how hard it is!) I know I cringe too whenever I think about this, because my personality just does NOT want to do it, but one of the surest ways to ensure success in your own future is to forgive or bless the person that has hurt you the most. If there was one thing, that I read, again and again, in all of my books, it is that, whatever you think, especially if it is negative, comes back to you in one form or another. For instance if you wish hellfire and poverty on an ex boyfriend's head, you might experience that yourself in another form. For instance, they say resentment causes cancer. As a reader in the Realm, I have to see this principle of like attracts like in action all the time.

I have read again and again, that one's future is like looking at a block of marble and like an artist, seeing the angel in the marble. It is important to train your mind so that it sees the future as a blank slate. If you see nothing but demons, when you look at a blank page, you will literally write yourself a disaster script or carve a demon out of the marble (the next loser boyfriend.) That is why it is important to practice some form of meditation to clear your head of negative thoughts, which like old toxins, cause a kind of cancer in your reality.

Negative self-talk and criticism is very damaging and we underestimate the power of what we tell ourselves every day, in our minds to shape our destiny. One of the best ways to do this is through positive affirmations and next week, watch this space because I am going to print the best affirmations I can find, to help you clear your spiritual slate and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

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