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What We Can Do To Guarantee Our Own Success

There are so many internet marketing schemes out there so it's really hard to follow the right advices. Do be perfectly honest this article will not get you richer or more successful then you are right now.

Why bother to read this article then?

Well, what few people realize is that success in any endeavor is determined not by what we do, how smart we are or how much information we can accumulate but by something that's already inside of us. Let's call it the power of intention. In a few short months or weeks there will be people out there using these resources and succeeding.

Why are some of us going to succeed and others fail if everyone is using the same resources?

The cause of failure can't be the information they are studying. If the material we are studying doesn't produce results then we are going to have a 100% failure rate, this is not going to happen. Those who succeed will prove that by applying what they have learned there is a potential of a 100% success rate.

We actually can predict our future. Neither success nor failure happens by accident. The choice is up to us.If you visit your neighbor for instance he/she will tell you that they believe that they are results of their circumstances. Some will say that they are glad for the opportunities they've been given, some are going to complain not having the ability to get educated others will complain not being at right spot at the right time.

No matter who you talk to you will face these two scenarios about people claiming that there life is what it is due to the circumstances they live under. There are people amongst us that came from very hard circumstances who made it big time, whilst other's had the greatest opportunities in front of them and still failed?

How could that be?

Are there any extenuated circumstances that are beyond our control or affect the outcome of our life or success?

Who or what is responsible for our lack of success? Is it our parents or our education?

There is one important reality. Those who fail to achieve their desires fail because the consciously or unconsciously intend to fail. Their intention or point of focus is on what they don't want instead of what they want.Those who succeed are doing the exact opposite, their point of focus is on what they want and that does never change!! Once you understand how this works you realize that no matter what happened in the past or no matter where you are right now you are not a victim of your circumstances,you're actually the creator of them.

The principle is very simple, whatever you give your dominate attention to and focus on shapes your personality creates your circumstances and determines the ultimate destiny of your life. What also separates the man/woman succeeding is that they never focus on a problem they focus on a solution! I recommend that you do the same.

Why focus on a problem that you can't do anything about?

What you experience in your life is directly connected with this inner state of you mind, it's not what is going on around you in your physical world or your circumstances.The most important thing that anyone can learn about success is that the cause which is the thought and effect which is the results of the thoughts are one. You can't separate the two! A person does not suddenly end up bankrupt or in jail, anymore then they simply wake up rich and famous.

All these circumstances are the results of thousand of little decisions which are reached as a result of the thoughts you give your dominant attention to.This means that our circumstances and life's needs to change in order to have something to happen.

If you spend you life feeling that extenuating circumstances are keeping you from what you want others will just go on with their lives and you'll be left behind.What you focus on expands. The more your focus on the things you don't want the more you get them and vice versa.Most of us live in fear not thinking of what our minds actually can do.

Unconsciously we think of things we are afraid of such as failing. If we think a hundred thoughts on negative things it's very hard to take them away with ten positive thoughts. No matter how positive we are we still go on with our problems since we do not have the right intentions. Money is a big issue that could be related to success. If we since childhood think that money always is a problem then it eventually gets to be a problem as adults.

What can we do to actually re-program our selves?

We need to be aware of what we think so that we don't go by autopilot as we often do.For example if you drive a car then you don't think too much about driving you just do it. With all the stress we live with today we often forget to focus on what we actually think.The mind runs away with us without us even thinking. If you next thought is focused on the right things then you sure will attract the good things you want in life. You have to have 100% self-esteem on that your thoughts can create a difference.

Set up 3 main benefits that you want in life. If you can't come up with 3 things then you really need to re-focus in order to get the motivation to create the good intention.Most of our choices are done unconscious so it seems like we have a lot of choices but since we don't make the choices consciously nothing happens.

Does it make sense?

Our mind is set to default (survival mode) we are actually hurting our selves by not thinking consciously. Every single thought we think does affect our lives.

So, how to change things?

? Create an intention! (What do you want, this week, this month or for years to come?)

? Stop trying. Intention does not mean trying. Trying is one of our big lies, if you keep on trying this will be the only thing you will achieve. Start doing instead of trying.

? The thought you create must be corrected in the same moment it appears. Be conscious this week and re-focus on each an every thought when it's a negative thought, and watch them. You will be amazed about how much you are disoriented and thinking of things you should not be thinking.

The mind only knows the past but this is the present so you need to focus on the present. Think of these 3 bullet points as a train with no brakes and start your journey on the path of success. Set a small goal thinking of a success. It doesn't mean that you need a big goal those will come eventually.

Just make small test with this one and you will se that you will succeed!!

"Conscious thinking helps you getting the actual results you ever wanted with the right intentions"

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