suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

Live the Dream

To achieve what you want, what you desire, needs a change in your thinking. You need to change your mindset. You need to visualise. By using this technique of visualisation you will actually put yourself into any given situation.

Any sports man or women at the top of there game will use visualisation. If they are a high jumper they will go over and over a jump in their mind. They will live it and re-live it, step by step. A motor racer will visualise leaving the starting grid and getting ahead of the pack. They would have driven every part of the track, taken every bend or turn. They will know exactly were to brake and were to accelerate. They will have driven the racetrack a thousand times in their minds eye.

Although we may not be aware of it, the brain works by visualising pictures not by using words. Yes we use words to communicate but the brain will automatically turn these words into pictures. So that we can visualise what is being said.

I once attended a seminar. The lecturer was very good, very confident and used many practical examples to explain himself. He was explaining how you can remember anything you are told, see or read if only you can visualise it. Just before the break for lunch he asked us to write our first names on a piece of paper and hold them up in front of us.

On our return he asked us to sit in exactly the same place we were before lunch. Now there were around 50 people in the room. He then started to name all of us. He told you your name, the name of the person to your right, your left. The name of the person sitting in front of you and the person sitting behind you. It was truly amazing. He did this through a form of visualisation. He put a picture to every person in the room. Within that picture was a story within that story was your name. So when he looked at you he just visualised his story.

That was one of the greatest examples of visualisation I had or have ever witnessed. But it proved his point, visualisation does work. Many entertainers use this method to remember names of people in an audience. Especially comedians who "play off" many members of an audience, as part of their act.

Many of us have trouble remembering things. If you can put a picture to everything you here or read with practise you will find your memory will improve.

So how do we use visualisation to achieve our goals?

You have to use visualisation to live the dream. This is the way to achieve it.

I have often spoken about the universe and how all life is connected to it. This is not a new theory. Hegel, Emerson, Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill have covered it in great depth, back in the last century. Furthermore through many philosophers even further back in history.

Here we go. You might have to read the next paragraph a couple of times to grasp the concept.

If we are at one with the universe and the universe is at one with us and everything throughout the universe is connected, this must include our mind, body and soul. Then our mind must have an effect on our body and consequently our soul must have an effect on or mind. So therefore our mind must have an effect our soul.

Please stay with this, as this is the fundamental principle of obtaining what you want. No, what you are entitled to.

The difference between us and all other forms of life is the very fact that we have a very powerful brain. We can think, we can reason and we can invent.

Everything man has created, every idea he has ever had, has been born in his brain. We have the ability to create. It could be a beautiful picture, an architectural achievement or a medical breakthrough. Whatever it may be it has to be thought of, to exist. If you purchase a new kitchen the salesman can not bring everything around to your home, take out the old kitchen and fit the new one just to see if you like it. You have to imagine what it will look like as a finished article from a few samples or a showroom display. You have to form a picture in your mind as to what it will look like in your own home.

You see we form pictures in our mind all the time; it's just that we take this ability for granted.

The other difference between us and all other forms of life is the fact that we have created a monetary world. You can do very little in this world without money. By having money is the only way you can truly have an abundant life. So if having an abundant life is an entitlement for all living things then our entitlement to money is an entitlement to live the life we are entitled to. We have the right to learn and expand our knowledge. Reading books, attending courses and travelling the world can achieve this. All this requires money. Never think great wealth is purely an entitlement for the few. It's available to everyone.

We have a very powerful tool that we carry around everyday, our brain. If you give someone a paintbrush but never show him or her how to paint they will never use it. We are given a brain at birth but if we are never shown the power within it, we will never use it.

Now where were we? Oh yes, mind, body and soul.

The mind is very complex but in broad terms it is simply the tool we use to learn and store information. It is a processor that enables us to use this information to its fullest extent.

The body is the machine. This is the equipment that can carry out all our physical needs. It enables us to see, hear, walk, run and lift amongst other things. But most importantly it allows us to build and physically create the ideas that are pictured in our minds.

It is said the soul is the very essence of life. It is the soul that makes us what we are, it is our character, our sense of humour, our emotions and the way we interpret the messages we receive from our brain. It is our spirituality it's what makes us the person we are. Happy and wild or maybe withdrawn and miserable. Usually a combination of all these things. It is the part that connects us to the universe and all life.

Remember I said earlier that every thought you have ever had has bought you to where you are now.

Ask yourself. Am I happy with where I am now?

The chances are the answer is NO. Very few people are. Everyone wants to advance further. Everyone wants to achieve more. They want a more abundant life.

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