suc∑cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

The Winning Edge Theory

One of the greatest challenges people face when trying to make personal improvement is feeling overwhelmed. This probably stems from the belief that in order to make incredible progress in their life, they will have to start by creating a long and detailed list of the things they are doing wrong and all the things they are going to have to change.

That thinking is simply inaccurate.

In the Kentucky Derby, the winning horse receives prize money 10 times greater than the horse it beat by a 'nose'. In professional baseball, the difference between being sent to the Minors and a million dollar contract is one single out of every 20 times at bat. A handful of electoral votes determined who won the last Presidential election.

But nowhere are the examples as dramatic as in your own life! If you are 1% better than your competition in business, you will get 100% of the sale ~ if you are 1% worse you get nothing. If you took 10 minutes out of every day to plan (each day you have around 1000 waking minutes, so that is 1% of your day) you will save yourself hours of unproductive time each year. If you spent 10% less than you earn, you will never go into debt and be able to retire with financial freedom And those are just the obvious examples. Tiny improvements in specific areas truly make a huge impact.

So this month, identify the one area, that if you improved, would result in massive positive change. Once you have recognized your winning edge, make it a priority to exploit that skill - read a book, take a class or make a plan to sharpen that one ability. By concentrating on your "winning edge," immense positive change will take place in your life and you will avoid that disheartening feeling of being overwhelmed.

Be Free!

Eric is president of Freedom Speakers & Trainers ( & an instructor & personal coach on memory, goals, attitude, time management & communication. He is a national know memory trainer that has worked with thousands of companies to enhance their memory. He is co-author of Winning The Name Game, an at home study course that teaches individuals how to remember the names of everyone they meet (
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