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Failures: 2 Types 7 Reasons

We experience failure directly or indirectly. Here we will come to know about the meaning and the mighty types and reasons of any failure.

All failures have emotional aspects which colors the person's reaction to this failure and to the situation in which failure occurred. While personal reactions are different to predict the common reactions are self-negation, self affirmation, the use of defense mechanism, motivation, expectation for future success and changing goals. Failure is always ego-deflating and thus effects the personality unfavorably.

There are two types of failure : A] SUBJECTIVE and B] OBJECTIVE

A] SUBJECTIVE FAILURE:- In this, person believes that he failed because he as not measured up to his own hopes and expectations and this has a more damaging effects

B] OBJECTIVE FAILURE :- This failure is judged by others which becomes more damaging when judgment is made by person who are important to the individual.

Now let me clarify the reasons by considering above types of failure these are as follows.

1] Unfavorable environmental influence During Childhood |- This is the most dangerous reason than any other reasons epically in the home, if child is always criticized, discouraged, nagged, overprotected and has improper ? a] Love n affection, b]imbalanced & improper motivation, encouragement, inspiration & determination. When child lacks in these areas he will definitely have problems with ? Targets(goals), will-power, endurance, persistence, sustainability & tolerance; Which are the basic elements to have success or failure and if child has problems in these areas then more problems will occurs in professional, personal & social life & career ? That's why its most dangerous.

2] ILL HEALTH |- Over-eating, wrong eating habits, Smoking, drinking, tobacco and so on ; these things damages the nerves and gastrical coordination and hence every body part gets affected badly and at times very slowly.

3] Procrastination |- It means that the person always thinks that "right time will come?" forget, time will never be, just do it right now, start where you stand, work whatever you can or whatever tools you have. In other words procrastination is the ability to put things off or not able to take initiatives. Procrastinated person is not a poor starter actually he doesn't start anything.

4] LACK OF PERSISTENCE |- Means lacking in endurance- sustenance and patience area. We know people who are good starters & poor finishers or trying multiple this several times. It has no substitute and are prone to defeat.

5] INDECISION |- Its inability to take decisions or fail to take decisions. Procrastination & indecision are twin brothers and work together.

6] SELF-DECEIT |- Here, people are very indifferent or lazy to acquire facts with which they require to think accurately; these peoples prefer to acts on their own opinion created by guesswork without any judgment & this is bad for success and decisions.

7] Other common reasons are ?a] Lack of ambition b] Insufficient knowledge, education and discipline, c] over caution, prejudice, intolerance, wrong selection, vanity, ego-dominance, criticism, hatred, lack of enthusiasm & efforts.

If you are a parent please think seriously on reason first coz it's a root and the base element and what ever you are think it all.

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