suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

5 Master Qualities of Extraordinary Achievers

You can be a master achiever by developing the same qualities of those who seem to achieve more than others. Here are 5 qualities you need to master in order to become a successful person in your chosen field and in your life.

Achievers are creative.
Creativity is a fundamental quality of a visionary leader. Creativity is also essential for problem-solving, conflict resolution, crisis and change management.

As they are extensively goal and result oriented, achievers need to come up with many solutions to reach their goals; therefore they need to be more creative than others. An effective method for you to be more creative in problem resolution is:

First, sit down in a comfortable chair and think about all the ways to resolve the problem, even if it may be absurd. This is not the time to be critical, but the time to think without any judgment. Come up with at least 20 solutions.

The first eight solutions will be obvious; the second eight solutions will require some effort and therefore creativity. You will see that the last two solutions will be the hardest to find, but the most creative. And they will surely be the ones that you will stick to.

Second, act out in your head the movie of how you would implement each solution. And third, be critical as far as each solution is concerned. This is an effective way to resolve problems used by effective leaders and managers.

Develop the Habit of Courage.
They have developed the habit of courage. Courage to wake up earlier and go to bed later. They've developed self-discipline. Self-discipline is astering yourself, your actions, thinking and emotions. They know that in order to become leaders for others, they need to become a leader for themslves first.

It takes courage to have self-discipline but it is learnable. They take action even if it is uncomfortable. They go out of their comfort zone, and go for opportunities. Talk about courage!

An effective method to develop the habit of courage is to see opportunities to grow and evolve in every challenge you face. Face your fears and learn from them. There is always a positive intention behind every fear you feel.

Top People are committed to contribute.
Finally, they take action. High achievers are result and action-oriented. They are committed to action. As they make precise plan for what they really want, they go for it and are committed to reach the goal. An effective way for you to be committed to action is to set goals. Work every day on these plans and evaluate very week where you are.

Continuous Learning.
High achievers are lifelong learners who subscribe to the process of continuous improvement. They view mistakes as learning opportunities. "There is no failure, only feedback" is always their motto. They know they need to improve, take risks, make mistakes and view these mistakes as opportunities to bounce back.

An effective way for you to develop this habit is to first, read each day a book in your chosen field.

Second, listen to educational audiotapes in your car and go to seminars given by experts in your field.

By doing that, you will be ahead of your competitors and you will become more educated, therefore, you will earn more in your life.

They are Responsible.
High achievers know that they are 100% responsible for what's happening to them. They don't blame anybody else. They look themselves in the mirror and say "You can do it, it's only up to you dude!" You have the ability to respond in every situation you find yourself. Your response is up to you.

Creativity, courage, commitment, learning and responsibility are at the heart of every great achievement. Success is not always easy. People may be in your way. You may face discouragement. Problems may appear. But by learning how to be responsible, you will find solutions that others won't think of. You will find the courage to change your life and commit to excellence.

Copyright 2005 Emmanuel Segui

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