suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

Your Own Worth Should be Worth Success

Read these four simple steps that reveal how to get into the habit of being persistent. The average person can easily learn and practice these all-important steps.

1. Always know exactly what you want and allow your whole being to strive, without wavering, to follow the path to fulfilling your plan.

2. Design a good plan and don't let it lie dormant for any waking moment.

3. Develop the ability to turn away, avoid and become oblivious ever you encounter negative thoughts, influences and suggestions.

4. Associate yourself with those who know and will support you in your decision to carry on. Support is a great "picker-upper".


If I only had enough money... If I only had more time... If other people only understood me... If I had no fear, what would they say... If I was only given a chance... If I only had the talent to do what I want to do... If I dared to stand up and assert myself... If my family only understood me... If I could just get started... If someone would just give me a break... If I only knew where to find out all about it... If I knew how, everything would be so easy... If good luck came my way, I'd be rich... If more people would only listen to me... If I had the right education... If I had been given a better chance... If I could meet the right people... If I didn't have to take care of the house and kids If I had someone to help me, I could get started... If only I had the personality to start a business... If I didn't owe so much money... If I only knew how to do it... If I were sure of myself, I would start tomorrow... If I had a business of my own, I'd have it made.

IF... you're truly a sincere person... do you really have the courage to see yourself as you really are?

Copyright 2004 by DeAnna Spencer

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