suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

Reach Your Goals - Creative Multi-Tasking

Multi-task goal-completion work with everyday, "have to" activities

If you need to lose weight, don't take the dogs for a leisurely stroll - jog or power-walk them.  Use the time you spend waiting at various appointments for catching up on trade reading or creating the materials/writing the outline for your next stunning teleclass or seminar.  Take the opportunity to practice your character drawing or writing during your subway commute.  If you need to do a job that is relatively mindless (weeding, ironing, dishes), use that time to listen to training MP3s/CDs or other goal-related recordings.  The possibilities for implementing this tip are only limited by your imagination and lifestyle.

Always having something on hand to do that brings you closer to your goals during such "downtimes" not only frees up hours of otherwise lost time for your personal pursuits, but having something interesting and self-improving to do makes your chore time go by quicker, too.

(c) Soni Pitts


Soni Pitts is the Chief Visionary Butt-Kicker of SoniPitts.Com. She specializes in helping others reclaim "soul proprietorship" in their lives and to begin living the life their Creator always intended for them.

She is the author of the free e-book "50 Ways To Reach Your Goals" and over 100 self-help and inspirational articles, as well as other products and resources designed to facilitate this process of personal growth and spiritual development.

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