suc·cess: (n.) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

How Do You Define Your Success?

How does an online marketer define success ? There are many ways to describe success, but does it always have to do with a hefty bank balance ?

I can consider myself to be an online success. Heck, I am not making a ton of money every month or consider myself to be a guru.

So how could someone say they are a success with little to show for it ? Again, it all fits with your definition of success.

For years too many people have believe that success is all about the realisation of material things . This has caused many persons to chase after their dreams in frustration and then give up.

Because they are not making lots of money in the online gold rush, they think that they are losers and they are because they think themselves into failure.

Anyone who adds value to another person's life is a success in my eyes. As long as they provide something to make you happier, make more money or feel good about yourself they are successful.

We have many unsung heroes among us. They have overcome adversities and personal crisis in their lives and still have the drive to make another's live better. They are rarely seen in the news or on television.

They don't have to anyway. Why ? Because they already know who they are and their limits and capabilities. Telling them is just reminding them of who they are.

Keeping track of where you started and where you are now should give you some idea of how much progress you have made.

So are you already a success or are you waiting on someone to tell you so ? I hope not.

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