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Scientific Discovery Reveals How You Can Live Better Forever

If you are not experiencing perfect, harmonious, pressure-free life experiences right now, it is because there are some unresolved problems in your world that are preventing it from happening. Simple logic compels the conclusion that if you could somehow resolve these problems, harmony would be restored.

It would seem that everybody has nagging problems that they'd give anything to be rid of. But too few know how to do it and in their frantic search for the elusive "something" that might resolve them they find that their efforts are less than effective and too often produce more frustrations than solutions.

Not only are these struggles non-productive, they are completely unnecessary.

Self-help, motivational gurus seldom offer any lasting solutions because their messages are predicated on academic theory, emotional "fluff" or philosophical abstractions. These lack substance and are devoid of any demonstrable operating principle. I know. I've been there.

Years ago, I was sure that I had more than my fair share of problems and felt that I was trapped between the sword and the wall with no means of escape. But, gratefully, I found that there IS a way out!

I recalled that one of the things that impressed me most from my old college physics books was that this universe operates in absolute harmony with irrevocable natural laws and principles that have not varied throughout all time. Here was a refreshingly impersonal operating premise that was truly scientific. "Scientific" is defined by Webster as, "the knowledge or discovery of the operation of laws, principles and facts subject to proof and not subject to speculation, conjecture or any assumptions without proof".

What are these natural laws and principles? Webster's dictionary seemed to be a good place to find out because the definitions found there are completely objective and uncontaminated by any faulty reasoning or interpretations. I could accept this source as being an absolute authority.

I found that Webster defines natural laws and principles as, "principles that are proved to be invariable through observed regularities of nature; the creative and controlling forces of the universe".

Here was a definition that was truly scientific, irrevocable, invariable and fixed throughout all time. I reasoned that because I am an integral part of this perfect universe, there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to experience the same predictable harmony, balance and perfection and be free of all conflicts, problems and their resultant pressures, anxieties and fears.

I could interpolate this to mean, then, that success, prosperity, freedom and a pressure-free way of life are as natural to us as wet is to water? To think otherwise would be to deny the "creative and controlling forces of the universe" and believe that these laws and principles could somehow be set aside or be flawed. Simple logic compels us to conclude that if problems were supported by any irrevocable law or principle, problems would be equally absolute and could never be resolved. We know from personal experience that this is not the case.

Reasoning from the logic of these facts, I made an exciting discovery. I discovered that there is only one primary cause of all problems. When this root cause is understood and properly applied, all problems, regardless of their nature or apparent severity, will disappear like snowflakes on a hot griddle.

Here was the key element missing from all traditionally accepted self-help, personal development and problem solving techniques that are not built on a scientific foundation.. This discovery fills this void and renders all other methodologies more effectively productive.

For more than 40 years I have field tested, fine tuned and proven the viability of this discovery to the benefit of a widely diverse personal, professional and corporate client base that has included many of the giants of American business.

Being rooted in the very basic structure of the universe, this discovery operates with absolute accuracy and predictability. Its irrevocable, unchallenged dominance supports and sustains its own nature to the exclusion of any implied opposite. When these "creative and controlling forces of the universe" are allowed to impact our affairs, the resolution of any problem is assured.

Details of this discovery are disclosed in my book, "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT". This book is unique in its content and format. It identifies these "natural laws and principles" in an orderly continuity of facts, logic and reasoning This scientific approach leads to irrefutable conclusions that establishes a firm foundation on which to build permanent harmonious life experiences.

Davis Goss has been a creative consultant for more that 40 years with particular expertise on problem solving. Davis Goss "The Science Of Building Harmonious Life Experiences" Click here===>

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